The station is usually identified as a “public service of Pasadena City College” at the top of each hour. PCC’s contract with American Public Media permits either side to terminate the arrangement after giving sufficient notice, APM with six months notice and PCC with five years notice after effectively making it a year contract with an unlimited option to renew. PCC gets on air recognition and funding for a broadcast internship program along with the traditional responsibility of maintaining FCC -related issues as the licensee , while APM controls the station and all the pledges, grants, and corporate underwriting revenues. Broadcast details[ edit ] KPCC operates with three full powered satellite stations: KPCC reaches , listeners each week. The station originally went on the air in from the Pasadena City College campus as KPCS “Pasadena City Schools,” which operated the college before the advent of the state-controlled Pasadena Area Community College District using the former KWKW-FM watt transmitter and studio equipment, and a small antenna on the roof of the campus administration building that provided limited coverage. The station was operated by, and for, students studying broadcasting at the college.

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CEOs, celebs, you on a splurge. Camping for people who love nature and indoor plumbing. Old West meets Old Money. The Resort at Paws Up is as glampy as glamping gets: Each of its palatial canvas-walled tent camps comes with butler service and furnishings worthy of the Ritz.

A website dedicated to California prehistory, including news of the profession as well as research papers and other information.

See my copyright notice for fair use practices. Select the photographs to display the original source in another window. Links to external sites will be displayed in another window. Terrestrial planets have hard surfaces that can be re-shaped by several different processes: Impact Cratering There are still small chunks of rock orbiting the Sun left over from the formation of the solar system. Some of them have orbits that cross the orbits of the planets and moons.

When they get close enough to a planet or moon, they will be pulled in by the large body’s gravity and strike the surface at a speed of at least the escape velocity of the planet or moon, i. At such speeds, the projecticle explodes on impact and carves out a round bowl-shaped depression on the surface. This process is impact cratering. How can you distinguish an impact crater from a volcanic crater? Volcano craters are above the surrounding area on mountaintops while the craters from impacts are below the surrounding area with raised rims.

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The 5 S’s Is this really tax-deductible? Whether your donations are tax-deductible or not all depends on your particular tax situation. Check with your tax advisor for details. Non-Profit Info Can I wear another rank here? Only taekwonodo and yongmudo rank and uniforms are appropriate for those respective training sessions. Each workout follows a lesson plan with the ultimate goal being learning all the requirements for the next promotion exam.

Nov 07,  · Mt. Shasta Ski Park offers a great experience for skiers and snow boarders of all levels. It is a very fun and friendly place to enjoy, with breathtaking views of the mountain and surrounding area.

Order some of our gold loaded paydirt panning bags Where to try your luck gold panning in Northern California Nobody likes a claim jumper, so watch for posted claims and pan only at sites and parks where the public is welcome. It’s always a good idea to call ahead, visit Web sites and stop at the ranger station to make sure you know the rules. These areas and parks allow public access for gold panning. Auburn State Recreation Area: Includes 40 miles of the north and middle forks of the American River.

South Yuba River State Park: Includes a mile stretch of the Yuba River’s south fork. Off Highway 49, north of Nevada City. Nearest town is Bridgeport.

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In , at age 20, he hit. The following year he hit. Upon his return, he hit. In , Mohr hit.

Adam Habergarten (d 22 Oct ). After a brief illness of only a week’s duration, Adam Habergarten passed away last Sunday, the victim of that terrible malady, typhoid-pneumonia.

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Geology[ edit ] Mount Jefferson Mount Jefferson shows normal magnetic polarity, suggesting that it formed less than , years ago. Jefferson does not lie in one of these grabens, but these tectonic processes continue, albeit at a less dramatic rate. Some of this andesite and dacite occurs in vents that underlie the Jefferson vicinity, which also erupted during the Quaternary.

Jefferson, October Mount Jefferson is a stratovolcano, made up of basaltic andesite, andesite, and dacite overlying basaltic shield volcanoes, [32] with andesite and more silicic rich in silica rock forming the majority of the mountain. Glacial motion during the Pleistocene decreased the summit’s elevation by a few hundred feet and formed a cirque an amphitheatre-like valley carved by glacial erosion on the western side of the volcano. Currently, the Whitewater Glacier and the Milk Creek glaciers erode the mountain’s eastern and western flanks, respectively, and are likely to gradually form a cleft between the northern and southern horns of the summit.

The Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program is a (c)(3) Intend to offer a few ideas on what to do in a dating context. July 3, ; Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers. Food, Action, & Community Spirit A huge spread of Korean cuisine, impressive taekwondo demonstration, .

Bulletin Board update – There are two new entries on our Bulletin Board: Our club provides numerous activities in the following categories. Man and Woman of the Year. Our man and woman of the year are: Bill King and Debbi Kor. See our Awards page for a list of past men and women of the year and other awards. Compare the cost and benefits of various lift ticket passes.

This was first published on page 8 of the September issue of Lift Lines

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Shasta lizard” is an extinct genus of ichthyosaur from the middle and late Triassic, and is the largest marine reptile that has yet been found. Specimens have been reported from the United States, Canada, and China. It has been interpreted as a specialised suction-feeder on unshelled cephalopods and fish.

hollow earth, inner earth, explorations by Brad and Mary Sutherland.

He smiled, somewhat sadly, and replied: Quite possibly he would. Shasta is known worldwide as one of the great sacred mountains of our planet. Xavier Jones is an American, so he could unveil memories of the prehistoric past from deep within himself by meditating upon the slopes of his own Holy Mountain. Our film is science fiction, and Xavier Jones is a fictional character—but Robert Oppenheimer really did believe that a pre-historic civilization had devastated the planet with an atomic war.

He based his belief on a study of Hindu myths and ancient texts such as the Ramayana, in which weapons of mass destruction are described. All this had been considered in the realm of extravagant myth until recently. Now, off the Southern coast of India, we may be on the verge of dredging up the most fanciful of all lost continents, Lemuria.

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