A monetary hit would probably be the fairest of those stated but all seem lacking, taking a perhaps inflated insurance cost would more or less be the same as getting blown up; making the halfway logical choice to just sit and eat it unless you were carrying something worth the crap. Removing people from open outright is only going to further starve the mode of players and turn people off of playing it due to potentially permanent ramifications. Who’s going to adjudicate whether a perceived combat log was someone pulling an internet plug or closing the client in the task manager, as opposed to a power outage or even natural disaster? Will FDEV become a global monitoring company dedicated to knowing the situations across all geographical regions of the Earth in order to prevent someone from getting dinged? Will there be a three strikes system? Will it gradually lower back to nothing if good behavior is maintained? Will players be tasked with reporting one another for this? Will FDEV implement a detection mechanism? I can’t get the image out of my head of an ED player perhaps in a poorer corner of the world who enjoys some level of PVP getting potentially permanently banned because while he likes to fight, he can’t reliably maintain an internet connection for whatever reason and attracts the ire of some people he was wholeheartedly engaging but was dropped from combat with.

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Early history — Attendees of the Space Invaders Championships attempt to set the highest score The earliest known video game competition took place on 19 October at Stanford University for the game Spacewar. Maas winning the Team Competition. National Video Game Team.

Allein den Namen zu geben gehört dir schon eine geklatscht du low.:D wins und dann ne 7d Sperre, man sollte die gleich auf Perm legen, wahrscheinlich ist das nur ein bug.

I know from the previous article that the DGL and overworked. But I hope they take a stand on the last example and ban that player from the DGL entirely. Kromas I completely disagree with you. I think all human beings deserve a second chance. Cause we need a colony. I feel like politicians are part of the circus we call life and have to be there.

Just for the lolz. Lawyers, as the Romans noted, are dangerous folk but entirely necessary. What if they send all the doctors to the Moon? How screwed would we be? But they can be joined by sexists? We can also send all the criminals currently in jail on life long sentences for murder etc.

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News flash, Blizzard will ban you for cheating also. And if there was, it would be hotfixed, instead of going on vacation, then fix it 2 weeks after they are back. Hollybog Did blizzard release their expansion, with a exploid that was reported on pts, then go on vacation? Oh nope, that was only In swtor!

But, in most games that go over 35mins, you can’t tell that by my endgame cs because it’s generally creeping up to the golden figure of cs/10mins and I will .

Considering all this, the question which naturally arises, and as it appears to me, is worth addressing to one of ArenaNet’s original founders, as well as the company’s whole Design Team, is: It’s understandable that the development of Guild Wars 2: It doesn’t seem as something unfeasible to me, needless to say this would be one of the best gifts possible for the community to celebrate the 10th Guild Wars anniversary Dmitri Fatkin talk GW2 uses gems as an intermediary currency between players’ wallets and the game.

There is then a player driven market with a fixed percentage loss that acts like a buffer between gems and the in-game gold. GW1 doesn’t have such a middle-man currency, and setting one up is no easy task. The GW2 economy is constantly monitored my a dedicated team; the GW1 market will have to make enough money to cover the cost of both implementation and upkeep to justify its creation. If the GW1 store were to offer items directly for cash, it would need to compete against the RMT prices that you listed above.

Can you imagine having the experience of, “Yay, an ecto” being reduced to such a trivial price? In Canada, we don’t even cash that can PAY that low of a price!

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Maintenant, il va surement passer sur Dota ou autre, sinon je vois pas comment il va gagner sa vie. C’est un coup dur pour Dignitas aussi. Quand t’es top elo, t’es dans une situation ou tu dois montrer l’exemple, pas dans la situation ou t’as des passes droits. Il y a d’autres ad NA. Il va se sentir con toute sa vie maintenant c’est triste. IWD est un jungle , pourquoi ils auraient besoin d’un AD?

E com isso tudo meu tesão por jogar matchmaking diminui ao ter de jogar com pessoas que não estão minimamente preparadas para ter uma conversa, quem dera querer jogar CS. Valeu brother, tu é o cara!

Who qualifies for Prime Matchmaking? Players with a qualifying phone number whose rank is at least Lieutenant Rank 21 are eligible for Prime Matchmaking. If you were previously upgraded to Prime and have lost that status, all you have to do is continue to play and earn XP. Once you reach Lieutenant Rank 21 you will again be eligible for Prime Matchmaking. Does my number qualify for Prime Account Matchmaking? If your Steam phone number does not qualify, you’ll be notified when you click the Upgrade button.

Please note that we cannot make any exceptions. Should your number not qualify, you will need to re-associate your CS: GO account with a qualifying phone number. How do I activate Prime Matchmaking on my account? GO’ from the main menu.

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Everybody deserves the spotlight. I’m currently interviewing various members of this and different communities in a project of mine. Each interview typically lasts two hours, while the more exclusive interviews can last up to three. Prior to each interview, I will ask your real first name, which you are not required to give me. However, if you do give me your first name, it will be used throughout the interview.

Also, I’ll request that you keep punctuation, grammar, and spelling as perfect as possible.

Si ma ultimamente il matchmaking è un po squilibrato, qualche giorno fa mi son capitati contro 2 gold, un ex gold, 1 silver e uno unranked, nella nostra squadra, 1 unranked, 1 bronze e 3 silver.

World in Guild Wars 2. Some squads are Guild raids, and although a guild might have multiple commanders, only one is ever tagged up. Will there be any way for them to gain the commander bonus as well, whilst retaining the benefits like targeting and visibility that come from being in a squad together? Squads and commanders are both great tools to organize a world for total domination in WvW. Both provide an important and positive influence, but being a great commander was something that we wanted to reinforce.

Commanders are a critical part of the world bond that other players rally around and usually know by in-game name. With the commander bonus, we hope this brings out more commanders and that their positive impact is felt across WvW.

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GO , Valve made some big changes, mainly by taking a first step toward a better matchmaking experience. Valve decided to do a beta test on CS: As we understand it, CS:

El TERA lo he intentado jugar varias veces pero siempre lo dejo en el mismo sitio, no x el sitio en si sino xq me acabo aburriendo casi siempre cuando llevo el mismo tiempo jugando jajaja.

A who saw who first game, the same cliches and gibberish i am so sick of it. When i was a bronzie with a crap toaster pc there was a moment when i started wondering why i just died faster and could no longer keep with the fights. I had not even joined the forums nor read any patchnotes, it just suddenly happened and i had no idea why, thought it was my internet, later my computer, which btw was pretty crappy.

But still the crappy pc could run the game and i could kept with the fights with 5 dollars mouse, then i realized it was that, long later, that stupid design decision of halving the ttk. I dont care about the “numbers” gameplay is in threat, is feeling worst, is loosing its charm with each patch. Today the gameplay for me was frustrating, win or loose it was not that, it was the design mess of the gameplay itself.

Right now the game feels broken, like a messed up puzzle, and yes, I am saying that, me! I know you will probably close this thread with a “sarcastic remark” people will praise cause you are the most acid and “in” gms in the world. But you know is true, the numbers are ruining what once you innocently appreciated, what your appreciation and inventive of mechanics told you was the best. You are far from David Jaffe as a video game designer cause he sticked to his ideas and dreams even when they were greedy monsters behind, he always fights for his concepts and flow of gameplay.

Meanwhile if the game sell you dont care ruining its gameplay more and more.

7 DAY BAN – CS:GO Matchmaking