Images of being caught peeking flashed into her mind, the outrage of her parents, the embarrassment of being caught. But other images flashed into her mind as well. Images of passionate, wriggling bodies and glistening skin In the darkness, she crept silently forward, until she could see the bed, and the writhing bodies upon it, through the opening in the double doors. The soft swish of the waterbed could be heard now, and in the dim moonlit room she could see her father Tony, kneeling behind her mother, Jenny. The covers were a heaped mess on the floor at the foot of the bed, and Jessica noticed that her mother was all but shredding the bottom sheet with her long fingernails, which dug into the mattress deeply for support. Tony moved in slow, even strokes, arching his back and thrusting into his lovely wife with long, deep strokes.


My Daughter is only 10, but I’ve got to start practicing Saiid, you’d better show this to your son now so he get’s the message: Daddy’s Ten Rules of Dating:

Bullying and dating violence are two issues of big concern for teens. Recent studies have responded by looking into connections between the two, asking whether those who perpetrate or fall victim to one also perpetrate or fall victim to the other.

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Radiometric dating–the process of determining the age of rocks from the decay of their radioactive elements–has been in widespread use for over half a century. There are over forty such techniques, each using a different radioactive element or a different way of measuring them. The slow way is to say, well, this is the same thing as 3.

Notice, I just took this decimal and went 1, 2, 3, 4 spaces. And when I had 74, and I had to shift the decimal 1 more to the right, I had to throw in a 0 here. Another way to think about it is, I need 10 spaces between the leading digit and the decimal. So when you take something to the negative times 10 to the negative power, you shift the decimal to the left. So if you do it times 10 to the negative 1 power, you’ll go 1 to the left.

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only! In fact, his wife Susan was a teacher also, their common interest in education had drawn them together after introductions were made at a party they had attended. At that time, Susan had been recently divorced after a fifteen year marriage and had a twelve year old daughter named Erin. Apparently Susan had gotten married to her teenage sweetheart right out of high school and the flame had died between them after the years.

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Originally, Ned was just a “better Christian” than Homer, being affable, polite, intellectual, friendly, and sincerely religious. As the seasons went on, his “sweetness” and his religiosity grew until he became a byword for fanatical religious faith and doormat-like pleasantry. His being a doormat in the name of being nice to others faded.

On the day I was going to ask her out I found out from one of my friends that she was dating a kid in our grade that I knew. This kid wasn’t a bad kid and I had nothing against him, in fact, he was always quite nice to me so I felt pretty bad about it.

As a black woman, nothing will stop me from bearing and raising my future child, but nothing will stop me from raising them in fear. Such is the burden of black parenting. This fear has fueled a generational need for a portentous, culturally compulsory lecture that warns young black men about the inherent strikes against them, about the society that is built to bring them down.

It is a harbinger of the inevitable, a wishful attempt at exceptionalism, passed down like an heirloom. I needed advice on how to do this, so I reached out to a small group of people. For black parents, I asked: What rules, warnings, survival tactics are you giving your children as you raise them? What have you been taught? What did you learn on your own?

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Shortly, the artist announced that, due to the imagery employed , the book’s release was cancelled and shelved for any foreseeable future date. It’s finally being continued, as proven by the presence of new images in the danbooru pool for it. Not fully translated as of the time of editing, though. In-universe in Under the Hood. Laurel has just returned from the hospital after being injured from the particle accelerator explosion, and is currently worryingly permanently unable to speak.

Felicity comments that between her and Cassandra she will now have to talk for three people.

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We were then flooded with interest for T-shirts. Dads have been sending in pictures of themselves, in their shirts along with their daughters from all over the world. This light hearted shirt is bringing thousands of Dads further into the important conversation of their role with their daughter. Take a look and join us! Through the magic of Social Media, it was by far the most read, passed around and commented on blog in the life of this little project.

The concept of a Dad issuing his ground rules for dating his daughter seemed to unite the entire tribe of Fathers! In case you missed the February 18th blog or would just like to refresh yourself, go ahead and click HERE to see it again. Some of the feedback I received was around the actual rules.

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It didn’t happen slowly over time. It came to me in a rush. I didn’t realize at first exactly what was happening to me. I guess since I had never experienced sexual feelings before, I couldn’t identify them as such right away. I do know that I was confused at first. In my head I knew it was wrong — so wrong for me to have such feelings about my father.

In my mind I was ashamed and afraid — but, between my legs, it felt so good that I could not resist. It happened on my 18th birthday.


This story was written by DirtyMindedMom, i was so impressed with it that i broke it down and reposted it here. I don’t claim any credit for it’s brilliance. This is not my story, it’s a great story which is why I’m posting it here. Oh, and it’s a long one with more to come, and apologies for not breaking it down into chapters. Written by DirtyMindedMom Being a single father has many challenges, especially when you have a daughter.

I admit she was somewhat of a tomboy, but she was healthy and happy, did well in school, and the two of us got along great.

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There are a lot of details that I did not include, so please ask if you have any questions, need clarification, or a detailed explanation. Since late last year, my dad has requested that she sleep without a bra on. His reasoning is that he wants her to be like a daughter to him and feel comfortable. She almost has no choice but to comply with his request because if she does not she will probably get kicked out of the house.

She has tried to tell him that showing her breast makes her feel extremely uncomfortable and is counterproductive. He refuses to listen and does not put effort into finding alternative trust building methods. Ever since her parents died she has lived a rough life. I am the only one in the house that truly supports her.

I am also the only person that she has told this to. I am afraid to confront my dad about it in case he takes it out on her. She is currently 19 and just received her green card earlier last year. If she gets kicked out, she has nowhere to go and my dad will probably either hold onto or shred her greencard. She also has a part time job and is a full time student at the local community college.

Dads against daughters dating